Coup de Fouet - unfiltered - Villette Grand Cru - Lavaux A.O.C - 2022 - DEMETER

2022 was a year of angels, without a doubt. It was an extremely dry summer and the vines were on the verge of apoplexy... physiologically the grapes were ripe in mid-August, but lacked sugar. Luckily the saving rains on the last days of August allowed everything to be rebalanced… with the result being the best vintage of my career…


CHF 19.00

Our Coup de Fouet 2022 is an exceptional vintage, due to weather and our orchestration of the harvest. No mechanical action around these beautiful bunches! Collected by hand and delicately poured box by box into our press throughout the day. It’s a return to the “old fashioned way”. The maceration begins quietly, then a slow pressing extracts the rest, gently capturing the virtues of our terroir! Towards ever more quality and character... an artist's work, operated by all the hands of the Domaine...

Le Coup de Fouet 2022, Chasselas unfiltered,Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C - Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)
  • Chasselas harvested 17.09.22 89°Oe, 1.1 Kg/m2
  • Total sulfites: >18 mg/lt.

Bottle of 750 ml. Crown capsules