Songe d'hivers - white blend - 2016 - Villette Grand Cru, A.O.C Lavaux, Certified Organic

Songe d’Hivers is a unique blend of 4 aromatic grape varieties, aged in oak barrels for 12 months. Color and flavors out of the ordinary with harmony and suppleness. A wine that gently reaches its peak, a rarity in the world of wine. A jewel for your taste buds.


CHF 25.00

A great classic in the world of matured white wines, from which it reflects harmony, richness and suppleness. A nose full of finesse, presenting a complex aromatic profile of sweet and floral aromas, jasmine and elderflower. A voluptuous and silky experience in the mouth. Songe d’hivers can be enjoyed as a starter to a meal, with seafood delicacies or at the end of a meal with cheeses.

Songes d'Hivers, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C 2016, Certified Organic (CH-BIO-006)
  • Chardonnay harvested 14.10.16 90 °Oe 0.9kg/m2(34%)
  • Marsanne harvested 24.10.16 97°Oe 0.7kg/m2(28%)
  • Gewürztraminer harvested 14.10.16 94 Oe 0.9kg/m2 (22%)
  • Pinot Gris harvested15.10.16 90 Oe 0.7kg/m2 (16%)
750 ml bottles natural cork