Le Coup de Fouet (Whiplash)- non filtré - Villette Grand Cru - Lavaux A.O.C - 2020 - Demeter

Our Chasselas aged for 12 months on their lees until it is put into the bottles without any filtration. It conveys the virtues of the soil in a velvety, fresh, and slightly beading juice, wrapped in her beautiful satin dress…


CHF 19.00

This magnificent 2020 vintage, resulting from spontaneous fermentation, pushes the idea of ​​wine a little further once again, and without sulfites until bottling. With 18 mg / lt. of total sulfites, it cultivates "nature" even more. The Coup de Fouet 2020 is very expressive, round, but still, totaly fresh!

Le Coup de Fouet 2020, Chasselas on yeast Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C - DEMETER/b>
  • Chasselas havested from the 28.09. to the 01.10.20 85°Oe, 0.75 Kg/m2
  • Sulfites added: 3 mg/lt.

75 cl bottle - crown cap