Blanc De Noir, Pinot Noir 2020, Villette Grand Cru Lavaux AOC - Nature DEMETER

This Pinot Noir pressed in white is very colorful… Blame it on a hot and early 2020 year, which endowed this cuvée with great maturity.


CHF 21.00

Resulting from spontaneous fermentation, this wine has only 5 mg / l of sulfites when bottled. It is a real Object Vinicole UnIdentified, packed with warmth and character while remaining fresh, it is suave… There are some residual sugars left there. Watch out for the bullets, which could well come and put their “Grain of salt” in it for our greatest happiness!

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Blanc De Noir, Pinot Noir, Natural DEMETER
Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C 2020
  • Pinot Noir harvested 17.09.2020 102°Oe 0.75 Kg/m2
  • Added Sulphites: 5 mg/lt.
  • 75cl.Bottle. Technical cork