L’Anthropocène 2020, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C - DEMETER

The Anthropocene… A word taken from the dictionary of geologists to qualify the current era on Earth. At Domaine Piccard, it is a qualifier to mark the responsibility that engages our viticultural activity, vis-à-vis the environment and ecology.


CHF 18.00

Carrying freshness and energy while keeping a foot on the conventional side (it has been filtered and has received some sulphites before bottling), it is an excellent ambassador of the biodynamic qualities of wine, but in a more “classic” way, intended for “conventional Chasselas lovers”... But be aware! It's not “truely” conventional...

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L'Anthropocène 2020, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C, Demeter
  • Chasselas harvested on 28.09.20 to 01.10.2020 ~85°Oe / 0.8 Kg/m2

    • Sulfites added: 30 mg/l
      Bottles of 750 ml. – technical cork